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Solve Cold Weather Heating & Drying Problems with Cambridge Engineering, the performance leader in carwash tunnel heating and hot air drying.

Cambridge keeps your carwash open all winter with 100% energy efficient gas-fired heaters that provide high temperature & high velocity air for heating or drying applications.

Cambridge offers a broad line of energy efficient, low maintenance, high temperature rise, direct gas-fired air heaters for carwash space heating and hot air drying applications. Unique rooftop design gets heater out of the harsh indoor environment for more dependable service, easier maintenance and less down time. The proprietary Blow-Thru heater design is compact and provides high-velocity, high-temperature outlet air to keep both conveyor and rollover type carwashes open even during the coldest winter days. Fogging and icing problems are reduced so the car wash is safer to operate and easier to maintain.

Cambridge heaters can also be used to supplement an existing cold-air blower drying system with hot air to significantly speed up the car-drying cycle on very cold days.