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American Changer, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, is an award-winning developer and leading manufacturer of innovative Bill/Banknote Changers, Token Dispensers, Ticket Dispensers, Pre-Valued Card Dispensers and Car Wash Entry Systems. Our products are sold through a network of reputable distributors throughout the world. Versatility, durability, and security are the hallmarks for American Changer's products geared toward the Car Wash industry. We manufacture Bill/Banknote and Coin Changers, in both front and rear load models, with single or dual validators & hoppers for added convenience and a capacity range of bills/banknotes, $1 coins, tokens and quarters. American Changer offers a Platinum Series, which includes high security Changers with stainless-steel cabinets – security, reliability, capacity and sleekness, all rolled into one practical machine.