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NuStar Inc., established in 1963 is a manufacturer of in-bay-automatic car wash systems for all types of car wash appications. The following is a breif description of the machines available through NuStar:
FOAM BRUSH Soft Touch 3: Our most affordable wash and rinse machine with 3 soft touch foam brushes and mounted or free-standing drying system. This machine is ideally suited to auto dealership applications.
Tri Star: Our newest 3 brush machine offering numerous upgradable options for retail applications just like the Soft Touch Plus. Combine these options and others with a superb list of standard features to own the best 3-brush machine offered in the industry.
Soft Touch Plus: Our heavy-duty 5-brush machine that comes standard with city water pressure rinse or can be upgraded to high pressure rinse capabilities. Options include multi-colored foam, spot free rinse, tire/wheel chemical applicator, rocker/wheel blaster, foaming presoak, reclaim ready and dual product wax arch. Simply put, this is our #1 seller for a good reason.
Customer Choice: "The Best of Both Worlds" This system allows your customer to choose between a totally touch-free or combination touch-free & soft touch friction wash. Either way, the customer gets a clean, shiny car every time.
TOUCH-FREE Comet 2: Multiple nozzles on 7 water driven spinners deliver a superb 100% coverage wash each and every time.
Super Comet: The futuristic styling and appearance of this touch-free car wash makes it appealing while delivering superior performance.