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Blendco Systems
Blendco Systems manufactures and supplies a full line of detergents, polishes, protectants and solutions for the professional car wash industry, which includes the patented SuperSat® Custom Detergent System, SuperClear® Water Treatment System, SuperBlend® Custom Blending System, SuperSmart RMS® Remote Monitoring System and RED RHINO® detergents and protectants-all based on decades of formulating experience.
Blendco’s focus from the start has been to provide the highest quality detergents at a competitive price. We are now proud to announce our newest line of Rust-Oleum® Certified Products, formulated with the latest in car wash technology! Also, under the Blendco family of products, we offer a full line of professional detailing products by C.A.R. Products.
Blendco has been providing innovative and environmentally sound detergent solutions for more than 50 years. The products that “take you were you want to go”!
For more information please contact us at or 1-800-446-2091