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Intelio is the leading developer of remote management systems and activation units for car washes.

This integrated solution provides you, the car wash operator, with four key business tools you need to reach your strategic objectives:

1) A real-time Dashboard of your car wash operation

2) An ongoing metric Scorecard of your car wash business

3) An integrated marketing program with the flexibility to implement a customized loyalty card, gift card, secure fleet and community fund raising program.

4) A method to control the most critical point of your operation. It's the point where the customer meets your business - at the activation unit.

Drive Your Business With WashMax

Over the past six years, we've learned how the best car wash operators continually grow both their revenue and their profit. Their secret: they view everything in their car wash business as a process, and as a process they measure it, analyze it and optimize it. It's also why they use Intelio's WashMax remote management solution to drive their business.

WashMax helps leading operators to measure and analyze their key car wash processes. It provides them with important real-time financial, operational, service and uptime related information that allows them to strategically drive their business, while tactically managing by exception when variances occur.

Let us help you profitably grow your car wash business.