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Dosmatic is the industry leader for non-electric, water-driven, proportional injectors for the vehicle and pet wash industry. The MiniDos© and MicroDos© injector series offer precise, proportional injection of soaps, waxes, tire cleaners and other water-soluble chemicals. The SuperDos® series is ideal for mid-high flow bus and truck washes. Our TwistIIClean™ water filters offer 5-second, no down time cleaning and no cartridges to change. Dosmatic injectors and filters can be easily installed into existing plumbing lines and are compatible with most existing equipment. Dosmatic also produces cost-effective, customized “plug and play” panel units. Our injectors offer a 3-year limited warranty- the best in the industry. Let Dosmatic show you how to reduce space, energy and chemical costs by eliminating bulky stainless steel tanks, re-pressurization pumps and Venturi systems.