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RPM Tech is a North American leader in the design and manufacture of snow and ice clearing equipment such as snow blowers, multifunctional compact vehicles, and cold air blowers for the maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, and municipal airports. RPM Tech manufactures and supports snow blowers since 1962. Today, RPM Tech snow fighting equipment has owned the reputation to be the most reliable and long lasting of the industry.

Specialized in loader-mounted snow blowers, RPM Tech offers a wide selection of models available in an array of sizes and snow clearing capacity ranging from 1300 to 5400 tons/hour, for truck loading and open field snow casting. Some models are also suitable for backhoe type loaders. RPM Tech snow blowers are ideal to clear streets and roads, and for snow throwing in depot sites.

In addition, RPM Tech offers the Cameleon®, a compact tracked sidewalk plow that has all the key features for outstanding performances. The combination of its powerful 115 hp engine, robust track system, and ideal weight produces an unequaled pushing power. Whether on a thick layer of snow or sloped terrain, it can manage greater loads without sliding. This sidewalk vehicle can also carry a variety of standard attachments such as snow blowers, plows, and de-icing spreaders. Ideal for narrow paths, sidewalks, and walkways.

RPM Tech products are available and supported by a network of distributors in Canada and USA. Additionally, RPM Tech service department will respond to emergency situations around the clock, 7 days a week.

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