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Arcadian's full line of car wash products are second to none!

For over 30 years, Arcadian has manufactured a line of car wash products specifically designed to improve the car wash experience, and to clean superior to everything on the market. Arcadian also represents over 20 manufacturers of car wash equipment and stock a full line of parts in order to keep your wash in operation.

Our most advanced presoak lines (Optima & Titanium) have over 2 years of Research & Development with field testing. The results you'll see on your first vehicle washed! Having trouble with getting cars entirely clean in your touchless washes? Our Titanium and Optima Series products are designed to give the same cleaning results in a touchless environment as a friction unit. The same determination is given to the rest of our products.

Arcadian has just introduced Optima SC and Optima Boost, a super concentrated, extremely high foaming series of presoaks for Friction Tunnel applications with draw ratios of over 500 to 1.

Our line of detergents include HP2000, which provies high foam with the cleaning ability of a presoak. Our Aurora FBS line of Foam Brush Shampoo's are available in multiple scent and color options in order to differentiate your wash from the competition and are available in draw ratios of up to 640 to 1.

Our Triple Foam protectaants, the Aurora FP256 and PF4000 are leaders in the industry. Our Auto-Bond provides total surface protection with a draw ratio of 120 to 1. We are also very proud of our Carnauba-Bond, which is a Carnauba based product that offers high foaming, high water shedding and long surface protection with a draw ratio of 120 to 1. Compare our line of Tire Shine products, available in both solvent and water based versions.

Arcadian has manufactured the industry leading Wall Cleaning product, Nu-Wall since its inception. Nobody cleans walls like Arcadian's Nu-Wall which is the most effective wall cleaner to remove scum, buildup and dirt on your wash walls.