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We Help Carwash Operators Market Their Business to Wash More Cars for a Higher Revenue Per Car

DRB Systems provides automated management systems, POS terminals, hand-held portable touchscreen terminals, self-pay stations and loyalty promotion tools to the following businesses:

•Full Service Car Wash
•Exterior-Only Car Wash
•Express and Flex Serve Car Wash

•Quick Lube
•Petroleum marketer
•Convenience store

Our Company

Founded in 1984, our company is located outside Akron, OH. We have a 45,000 square foot facility, and 100+ employees. Take a virtual tour of our facilities.

Our Customers

We have customers in all 50 states, plus 8 additional countries. Our customers represent a diverse cross section of the car wash industry, including chains, single independent sites, car wash-only sites and “multi-profit centers" that combine several different businesses, such as a car wash, convenience store, quick lube, detail shop, and retail fueling center. Most of the 50 largest car wash chains are our customers, as are 18 of the past 25 presidents of the International Carwash Association (ICA).

Our Products

We sell "turnkey" systems that include a complete package of outside hardware and proprietary software developed by DRB Systems. Our products are backed by a large and dedicated in-house support department.